The Journey Begins

For me, it all began when Oma & Opa moved to Cairns.  My parents and I lived in Sydney, so to visit my grandparents now meant getting on a plane and flying up there to see them.  And it was such a different kind of place to where we lived.  They lived in a little village (or it was a little village back then…)  called Trinity Beach, where the roads to town flooded during cyclones, mangoes grew on trees on the side of the roads, and you walked to the shop on the beachfront to post a letter (and have an ice block).  Life moved at a different pace.

I loved those visits and looked forward to going back again and fw img 267again.  Over the years, I spent many school holidays up there, many times flying on my own – with my unaccompanied junior tag pinned to my shirt.

Since I was no trouble to take anywhere (ahem…..well, I mustn’t have been too much trouble…)  my parents took me on holidays with them to other countries.  We went to New Zealand, and Fiji, and Greece –  all before I was 10.

That’s how I was introduced to the world of travel.  The thought that I could actually go to another part of the world, and just for a little while to live a different life style,  hear a different language, eat different foods, and see how other people live.

Now that I have done a few trips, I’d like to share some of the places I have seen, and a few the things I have learned along the way.

Thanks for joining me!



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