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I live in Australia and my closest airport is Sydney Airport.  My interests are playing the piano, relaxing in the garden, travelling to different places in the world, and taking photos.  (I take lots of photos).  When I come home, I like to scrapbook all the photos of my adventures.  It’s a lot of fun.

I did some travelling with my parents when I was younger, and then I had my own family.  After that, I started travelling again with my parents.  My husband didn’t want to go on long journeys in a plane, so he stayed home with the kids / pets / plants / etc, and I went on trips with my parents and siblings.  (No, don’t feel sorry for the husband  –  every winter he takes his holidays at the snow, where he loves to be, and I stay home with the kids / pets / plants / etc.  So it all works out nicely.)

When I first started travelling again as an adult, my Mum would ask me “what do you want to see on this trip?”  Since I didn’t have much experience, I went to my friend google, and searched on the places we were thinking about.  I found the UNESCO world heritage list, and I was captivated by it.  I thought, “these places are so amazing, I really want to see them”.  So it became my “thing”.  Every holiday, I would put forward my list of UNESCO sites, and we would work them into the itinerary for the group, if possible.  Some people have bucket lists…..  I have my UNESCO list!

Of course, there are many unique and beautiful places in the world that are not on that list, and I still would like to see them too!

I love taking photos of all the wonderful things I discover in my travels.  Some of them are just beautiful scenic pictures, and others are of quirky things I found interesting.   I have a few different outlets for my photos, depending on their nature.  I usually keep my Instagram gallery for all the beautiful scenic pictures,  whereas you’ll find more of my quirky and interesting pictures on my Pinterest boards and my Twitter feed.  For the actual information and reviews, I use this blog.

If you are across all these sites, you will find some duplication of content, but there will be different things as well.  If you would like to follow me on multiple social media,  you are most welcome to do so, and will find me at the following:

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