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Gilets Jaunes: A traveller’s perspective

I have recently returned from a 24 day trip to France.  A trip that I had been planning for over a year.  The Australian Government was already recommending travellers to exercise a high degree of caution due to high threat of terrorist attacks before I paid for our flights, but we decided to go anyway, and to be mindful of our surroundings.  Then in November 2018, we started seeing news of the protests in France by the Gilets Jaunes.  While unsettling, I was hoping that the situation would have resolved itself by the time we made our appearance in January-February 2019.  As the day of our departure grew closer, it was becoming evident that the demonstrations would be likely to continue throughout our time in France. 

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Santorini – Greek Island Infatuation

When you hear the word “Santorini”, images instantly comes to mind.  Cascading whitewashed buildings with perfectly sculpted walls and arches decorating the inside edge of the crater of an active, though presently dormant volcano.  Views out over the Mediterranean blue of the mostly underwater caldera. When you arrive by water you are cruising across the inside of the volcano.

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Blogger Recognition Award

On 5th October 2018, I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award.  I’m a little bit late with this response, and I’m thankful I could finally spend the time to reply to this lovely gesture.

I would like to thank Vansh Tiwari from CrossRoadAdventure for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award.  I am very appreciative, and I think this is a great way for bloggers to support each other.  CrossRoadAdventure is travel blog providing information about travel in India, as well as other travel tips.

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What to pack for a holiday – it’s the little things that make a difference

So you are going on a holiday?  Awesome news!   I hope you have a great time.

Now to pack.  You have your travel bag open in the middle of your bedroom floor, but where do you start?  What to pack for a holiday? Everyone is different, and therefore has different priorities on what constitutes a necessity.  I’m not going to bore you with how many different outfits you’re going to need, or how many pairs of shoes, nor dictate the quantities of underwear required.  But I would like to offer up a list of some items that I have found very helpful on my own travels, for your consideration as to whether or not they will make it into your empty suitcase.  I may also throw in a few opinions for good measure.

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What NOT to wear in Amsterdam

Ok, I am no fashion diva.  I’ll be the first to admit it.  If my clothes are clean, and the colours coordinate, I’m pretty comfortable.  Yet, I concede that putting together a suitcase full of clothes for a holiday trip requires a bit more thought.  I need to select items that won’t wrinkle too much, items that dry quickly, and items that don’t take up too much space.  Then I also need enough variety so that I’m not wearing the same thing in every photo, because that makes it look like you went away for one very long day…  I like to select items that mix and match with the other items in my bag so that I have my options covered for the various different kinds of weather that will be encountered.

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The Journey Begins

For me, it all began when Oma & Opa moved to Cairns.  My parents and I lived in Sydney, so to visit my grandparents now meant getting on a plane and flying up there to see them.  And it was such a different kind of place to where we lived.  They lived in a little village (or it was a little village back then…)  called Trinity Beach, where the roads to town flooded during cyclones, mangoes grew on trees on the side of the roads, and you walked to the shop on the beachfront to post a letter (and have an ice block).  Life moved at a different pace. Continue reading The Journey Begins