Hi, my name is Fiona.  I work a full time job (for now) and save like mad so that I can go on trips overseas.  It’s not easy, since I live in Australia and we have to fly for hours on end just to get anywhere!  However, it’s a sacrifice I willingly make to be able to see other places in the world.

This blog is for others like me, who love to plan their next holiday and spend hours looking for information that might make that easier to do.  People who randomly jump onto flight search websites looking at all the deals for different destinations, and think about which place would be the best.  People who love to dream up travel itineraries in their lunch breaks, and who count down the days to their next trip on calendars hanging on their walls.  People who scroll through beautiful travel destination photos on Instagram and Pinterest.  People who look up UNESCO world heritage sites in countries, and try and visit as many as possible each trip.  People who don’t book a hotel without reading the reviews on TripAdvisor and booking.com.  People who don’t book a flight without finding out what the aircraft is and consulting seatguru for the best seat to choose.

In my blog, I’ll take you to the places I have visited, and I hope you will find some useful information on these pages to help you plan your own trips. I love taking photos, so I’ve started an Instagram profile as a place to collect my favourites.

When I’m not travelling on holidays, (and not at work) I spend my time playing the piano, relaxing in my garden, and scrapbooking all my holiday photos.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site, I hope you take away a bit of inspiration!  If you like the posts so far, please follow the blog by email.  The “follow by email” button can be found on the side and at the bottom of each page.  This way, you’ll receive an email when I put up a new post – usually once a week.

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