Sydney Harbour Bridge from Milsons Point

Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

Taking a stroll over the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an excellent activity for a beautiful sunny day.  Walking across the bridge itself will cost you nothing, and provide you with some lovely photo opportunities of the harbour and the surrounding city along the way.

Walking from Milsons Point to Circular Quay takes a little over half an hour, depending on how many times you stop to take photos, and the distance is about 2.5 km.  This is the best direction to walk the bridge, providing views of the city as you walk towards it.  Here’s a photo walk through to encourage you to give it a try next time you are in the area.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

If you are already in the city, then take the train across from Wynyard station to Milsons Point station

Travel tip here:  go upstairs in the train and sit on the left hand side of the carriage.  This position will afford panoramic views over the harbour towards Balmain, and McMahons Point. 

When you get off the train at Milsons Point, turn around and look at the view of the bridge from the end of the platform, before you head down the stairs.

As you leave through the station opal card gates, turn left to the Ennis Rd exit, then turn right when you reach the street.  Walk straight ahead towards the bridge and you will see the flight of stairs leading up to the pedestrian walkway over the bridge.

That’s the hardest part – the rest is an easy walk.  There is safety mesh installed along the side of the walkway, but there are cut-outs that you can look through for an uninterrupted view, and these are also good to use for taking photos.

A small museum in the south east pylon can be accessed for an entry fee – currently $15 as at 2018.  As you climb the stairs up into the pylon, you pass by the history exhibits.  From the top of the pylon you can take more photos of the scenery.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon
South East Pylon Sydney Harbour Bridge

A trip up into the pylon is optional and totally up to how energetic you feel on the day.  Once you are back down on the footpath, continue following the walkway and this will lead you to the pedestrian exit – depositing you in the historic Rocks area of Sydney.

The Rocks Sydney
Looking at the historic Rocks area in Sydney

From there you can meander through the antique lanes which slope down the hill towards Circular Quay, where you can make your way on to your next adventure.  If you still have time to invest, then you might consider a ride on the Sydney Ferries  for a place to sit and relax after your walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Sydney Harbour Bridge
View of the bridge from Circular Quay train station


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    1. My Sister has done the climb too, and she went at dusk and saw the city lights come on as well. I don’t like heights, so it’s probably something I won’t do. I was content with my walk across the footpath! 😊
      Glad you enjoyed the photos.

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