Ravello & Villa Cimbrone

Crowning the terraced cliffs above the oceanfront town of Amalfi, you will find the refined old village of Ravello.  A centrally located piazza sits peacefully skirted by the Duomo di Ravello, along with several cafes.

Main Square with Duomo
Ravello – a UNESCO world heritage site

This part of the UNESCO region of the Amalfi coast is traffic free. The old cobblestone streets are very narrow and cars are not allowed in the area.  There is one car park at the top, so you can walk everywhere you need to go from there.  If you are feeling brave, then you can catch a small local bus from Amalfi up the twisting mountain roads to the bus stop outside Ravello, with many sharp bends and sudden stops in between.

The road to Ravello

Be prepared for a crowded trip though, because the locals and the tourists all use the bus, which is boarded by a “he-who-pushes-hardest-goes-first method”!  I guess the locals have to fight for a seat with all the tourists every day and must be a bit over it all.  Anyway, now you know.

Villa Cimbrone and the Terrazzo dell’Infinito

From the main square, a 12-minute walk will take you to the gateway of Villa Cimbrone.  The villa is a historic building, dating from at least the 11th century AD.   The villa is famous for its elegant gardens, while the magnificent view of the Amalfi coastline from its scenic belvedere the Terrazzo dell’Infinito (the Terrace of Infinity) is just pure magic.   The views from the terrace are breathtaking, especially if you are like me and have a love-hate relationship with heights!  The villa and the gardens were extensively renovated in the early 20th Century.  The villa is now a private 5-star hotel, while the gardens are open to the public every day from 9 am till sunset, with an entry fee of €7.

How to get to Ravello

Ravello is an easy day trip from Sorrento by bus or Ferry to Amalfi, and then bus to Ravello.  This journey will offer some of the most unique and beautiful scenery in Italy along the way.

If you feel up to the local bus, you can find the timetable here: Ravello Bus Schedule

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Ravello and Villa Cimbrone



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