Numbat in Fremantle

Street Art in Western Australia

As I was walking around the city of Perth, admiring the buildings, I glanced down a laneway and a burst of colour at the end caught my attention.  I went back to the laneway, later on, curious to see what it was.  To my surprise, many of the walls of the buildings in the lane had interesting pieces painted on them.  What a find, and completely by chance, which made it so much fun to see!

Many cities are now embracing the street art culture and providing spaces – legal walls – where street artists can create their works.  Street artists have their own style, some of them becoming independently famous, who are then commissioned for legal murals and works.

Street Art in Western Australia

What is Street Art?

Street Art is art that has been created in public spaces, such as the walls of buildings or on roadway infrastructures such as underpasses or noise barriers.  Contemporary art which conveys the artist’s message for the general public to see.  It can be made of different media such as stickers, or wheat pastings, or painting – this is my favourite type.

Street art pieces will often appear in laneways and can be surprisingly complex.  Personally, I enjoy the murals and the interesting works that have been put up on the walls of buildings.  The colours bring a dull empty wall to life and brighten up the streets.  Other works can be of such a grand scale that I struggle to understand how the artist can create the image, in perfect perspective and dimensions when seen from a distance, but it is so much bigger in size compared to the artist.

I’m a “Johnny-come-lately” in the appreciation of street art, so I’m not sure if the following examples are considered to be characters, murals, legal walls or pieces –  which are different categories of street art.  (Perhaps someone more knowledgeable will be able to enlighten us in the comments below?) However, I found them interesting, so I wanted to share them with you.

Street Art in Western Australia

Here are some photos of the street art I found on my trip to Western Australia.

Perth CBD

Close by to where we stayed in Perth CBD I was walking up King St admiring the beautiful old buildings harbouring fancy shops.

King St Perth
King St Perth

As I was looking around, I glanced down a laneway and saw a flash of colour.  It was actually amazing that I even noticed it, and I think things like this happen for a reason.

Wolf Lane
Can you see the colour at the end of the lane?

Later, I was curious to know what was down there, so I went back and found all these pieces of street art.  Don’t ask me why I was so impressed, I just felt like I had discovered a hidden gem in that laneway.

This is the mural that caught my attention in a flash of colour.

Eye catching colours street art
Eye-catching colours street art

I was focused on this piece because it was what drew me into the lane.  Then, as I looked around me I noticed more and more.  They were everywhere!


Near the Fremantle Markets, we saw another wall size critter.  I guess the guy is a Numbat.

Numbat in Fremantle
Numbat in Fremantle


We came across this colourful mural on the side of a building in Mandurah.

Mural in Mandurah
Mural in Mandurah


Not only does Dwellingup have a historic steam train station, but you can also see this wonderful mural adding colour to the main street.

Horse in Dwellingup
Horse in Dwellingup

Look around

Since I have been actively looking for street art pieces, I’ve been surprised how many there are to be found as you walk around the streets.  Now it’s an ongoing treasure hunt game that I play.   Where are your favourite pieces of street art?

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3 thoughts on “Street Art in Western Australia”

  1. Some great pieces of art. I’ve really been noticing more street art as I travel now. I don’t know too much about art but I know what I like. Love the animal paintings

    1. I’m the same. I don’t know if there is more street art around nowadays or if I was just oblivious to it before? 🤔 Either way, I’m glad it catches my attention now.

  2. Excellent. Street art spotting is a good pastime for those in a new (or even old) city. There are often political pieces which can give you insight into local attitudes and issues too.

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