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Old Town Square – Prague

One of the first things we did when we arrived in Prague was to set off in search of all things antique and medieval – in other words, we made our way over to the Old Town Square.  Anyone who has been to Prague will be able to tell you about the footwear required to be able to deal with those cobblestone streets.  (I bought a pair of shoes in Prague and they were some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned! )  Walking towards the square, past bohemian crystal stores and assorted galleries and museums, we felt like we were winding through a labyrinth.

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On the way to Old Town Square

Finally, we stumbled upon the passageway to Old Town Square and we had a glimpse of the clock tower.

Passage to Old Town Square
Passage to Old Town Square

We even passed a shop selling suits of armour, and wondered how many tourists actually go home with one?

Prague Armour
Prague Armour
Churches in Old Town Square

Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) is the historic centre in the spiderweb of cobbled streets and alleys that make up the Old Town section of Prague.  Located near the 15th century Charles Bridge (Karlův most) the Old Town square is surrounded by beautiful buildings such as the fairy-tale architecture of the Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn (the church towers are 80m high), and the Baroque St Nicholas Church.

Gothic Church Prague
Church of Our Lady before Týn, the essence of fairytale castles….
St Nicholas Church
St Nicholas Church
Horse & Carriage Tour

Near the Old Town Hall, there is a line of horse and carriage rides available.  Clip-clopping around the old streets in an open carriage was a lovely way to see the streets.  (It was interesting to see that even the horses had rubber shoes on to reduce the impact of those cobblestones.)


The buildings in Prague are ornate and beautifully painted. Each one is a unique work of art.  What a lovely part of the world to see!

Prague Astronomical Clock

The most famous attraction in the Old Town Square is the medieval astronomical clock which has been an attraction in the city for over 600 years.  Built in 1410, it is one of the three oldest astronomical clocks in the world still functioning.  The clock is mounted on the Old Town Hall Tower.

Old Town Hall Clock Tower
Old Town Hall Clock Tower
Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall complete with a graceful tower, sits on the edge of the square.  In front of the Old Town Hall is a memorial for the 27 protestant leaders of the Bohemian Revolt who were beheaded in the square in front of the town hall in 1621.  You will notice the 27 white crosses embedded into the cobblestones in the square, and there is a nearby plaque with the names of the people on it. ( You can see this in the above picture of St Nicholas Church)

Nearby this sobering memorial in the centre of the square there is a memorial to Jan Hus, a religious reformer who was burned at the stake for his beliefs.

On a lighter note, the square plays host to Easter and Christmas markets.  The Christmas markets are said to be the largest markets in the Czech Republic with a tall tree, and musical stage set up in the middle.  This sounds like a bucket list item if I ever heard one!

Prague visitors map

This is the well-used map I had when I was in Prague.

Map Prague
My map of Prague

When will you find your way to Prague?

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2 thoughts on “Old Town Square – Prague”

  1. Such a beautiful city. I went for the Christmas markets one year which I recently wrote about. It was a beautiful place, but very cold in December. Your pictures look like it was a lot better weather. The clock is amazing. Such detail.

    1. Thanks Emma! I just read your post. I’ve been looking for a place to go for a “white Christmas” for a while. Maybe Prague is the place for us to go to for this. 🤔
      I’ll put a link to your article about the Christmas Markets into this post so people can read your experience. And I’ll take a big coat when I go!

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