Exeter CA Orange Harvest

Exeter, CA – Outdoor Art Gallery

You will find this quaint town located near the foothills of the Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Downtown Exeter is the stage for an interesting outdoor art gallery which features over 30 murals painted by different artists.  The stories told in the murals, found on the external walls of the buildings, are of local history, folklore and culture.

Exeter CA Outdoor Art Gallery
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Why create an outdoor art gallery? 

This township grew out of agriculture and cattle ranching developments in the area, and is known for growing the sweetest oranges in the world.

The idea of the murals was born from the need for the historic town to attract attention in the middle of an economic recession.  Some locals came up with the idea of painting the blank brick walls around the town with murals representing historic scenes of life in and around the settlement.  The very first mural “Orange Harvest” was funded by the city government.  Subsequent murals have been commissioned by private companies and even individuals.

Where to find the murals

Most of the murals are located centrally, within a 6 block grid bounded by Palm and Maple streets, and between F and C streets.  The terrain is easy walking, with level streets and footpaths.

The outdoor art gallery continues to grow, partnered by many speciality boutiques, antique shops and charming cafes  –  a winning combination which attracts many visitors to the town every year.  If you are in the area to see the Sequoias, take a coffee break or enjoy lunch with a view in Exeter.

It is worth the visit to take a leisurely stroll through the streets and see the colourful gallery of murals.

More information

Here is a link to the detail of each mural and the map of the town to help you find them:  Outdoor Art Gallery

Exeter Gateway to Sequoia

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